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Information for Tenants

Are you considering moving to the Cayman Islands or, do you already live here and are looking for a new place to live? If so, there are various questions pertaining to leasing long term. The details contained herein summarize frequent concerns.

This is actually not a peculiar matter to consider! Tenants should bear in mind that most leases and availability commence first of the month. If possible secure temporary accommodations for a week to 10 days. This duration is adequate for touring the island, viewing properties, and securing a lease. The winter season, which traditionally runs from December 15th through April 15th, is the busiest time of year, with arrival of tourists, new residents and employees.

Ocean/beach front properties attract the highest rents. Canal front properties are a good alternative as these are significantly lower in price. There are many executive rentals available walking distant from the beach and these are more cost effective.

South Sound, Snug Harbour, Parkway, and Governors Harbour are all respected residential areas close to central George Town. Most schools are contained within the South Sound area.

Prospect is approximately 10 minutes from George Town. It contains many residential subdivisions as well as schools, shopping centers, a supermarket and a fitness facility.

The districts of West Bay, Spotts and Bodden Town are all approximately 20 minutes from George Town and possess more traditional style and economical rentals.

This is an important question for pet owners as many apartment/condo developments are governed by Strata Bylaws prohibiting pets!

Generally speaking, a home is going to be more expensive than an apartment. However, a house is normally more suitable for a family and pets. The pros of renting a home are: more privacy, more area for children and pets, absence of By-laws and private amenities (e.g. pool). It should be noted that some homes do not include cable, yard maintenance and pool maintenance.

Many apartment/condo developments have shared amenities, which are available to a Tenant as part of the leasing package; such as a small gym, pool or tennis courts. The Landlord absorbs maintenance cost.

There are various general rules when renting a property;

  • Rent is always paid in advance.
  • Rents are usually due on the first day of each month. If moving in mid month, the first month’s rent is pro rated.
  • All Landlords require a security deposit, which is at least equal to one month’s rent regardless of the rental value of the property. This money is held by the Landlord for the term of the lease and is refundable subject to any deductions for damage not withstanding normal wear and tear. Any interest accrued (which is minimal) is currently generally in favour of the Landlord.
  • If a Landlord accepts pets, there is often an additional security deposit.
  • Utility, cable and phone companies will all require deposits. Our website offer a link to their websites for current and accurate information.

Caribbean Utilities Company Ltd. –

Water Authority Cayman – 
The account is held by the Landlord. Some Landlords may request additional funds for a separate deposit relating to this matter; amount at owner’s discretion.

Cayman Water –
(Seven Mile Beach and West Bay provider)

Digital Cable
WestStar Ltd. –
CI$90 hook up fee which is non refundable.

Satellite TV
Direct TV – (345) 949 4000

Telephone / Internet
Lime –
Digicel –
Logic / ChatterBox –

Caribbean Utilities Company Ltd. (CUC) is the sole provider of electricity to Grand Cayman. The company has its corporate headquarters and a cash office on North Sound Road in the Industrial Park and they have a cash office in the West Shore Center (Pink Plaza) on West Bay Road. Tenants are required to pay a deposit, provide a rental agreement/lease and take their passport or driver’s licence along for photo indentification.

Cayman runs on a 110v electricity system with three-pin plugs. However, the outlets are designed to accommodate a two-pin American plug. Appliances from the United Kingdom or Europe will not work in Cayman. Monthly electric bills will vary depending on the size of your house/condo/apartment, your lifestyle, how often you run your air conditioning, the efficiency of your air conditioning unit, the age of the property and how well the property is insulated, among other factors. The fuel factor attached to this utility contributes for the majority of the bill.

Water costs are affordable in the Cayman Islands.

Many condos and apartments will included the cost for cable or satellite TV within the rent.

Generally speaking properties are either furnished or fully furnished. Unfurnished residential properties are scarce. Furnished properties contain: appliances, hard furnishings, window treatments, beds, mattresses, etc. Fully furnished contains: – all of the above plus kitchen crockery and equipment, bed linens and bathroom linens.

Many properties offer televisions, stereos and DVD player. Always ensure an Inventory List is provided.

It should be noted that many apartment/condo developments are governed by Strata By-laws, which may prohibit Pets. Furthermore, many Landlords are cautious about Pets and IF permitted may have restriction on size. A dog or cat may attract additional security deposit ranging from CI$500 – CI$1,000 per animal.

Importing animals into the Cayman Islands is a lengthy and tedious procedure but for very good reasons. Fundamentally, the islands are rabies free and the Cayman Islands Department of Agriculture (DOA) diligently mans laws and restrictions pertaining to this process.

Start planning at least six months prior to arrival. All animals entering the Cayman Islands must have an Import Permit issued by the DOA. Application forms are available from the DOA (Tel: (345) 947 3090, Fax: (345) 947 6501 or or in person at 181 Lottery Road, Lower Valley, Bodden Town on Grand Cayman.

How can I be sure I will get my security deposit back?

  • The original lease term must be fulfilled.
  • The property is to be returned to the Landlord in the same condition as when you rented, ordinary wear and tear excepted. Holes in walls and carpet are NOT considered ordinary wear and tear.
  • At the time of move in, an Inventory List is provide to the Tenant to complete. This is means of detailing any defects and will be used as a reference document determining the condition of the property upon your exit.
  • A final inspection is executed within 24 hours after a Tenant has completely yielded up the property. Upon receipt of all required documents (e.g. confirmation of utility payments) and satisfactorily meeting terms of the lease the security deposit is refunded to the Tenant with 24 hours.

When to inform if you wish to renew your lease?

  • Provide EMS Ltd with 30 days written notice prior to the expiration of the lease unless otherwise stated in the lease.

Grand Cayman offers a broad range of medical services; two fully- equipped hospitals, numerous clinics, private specialist doctors and general practitioners, advanced radiology, CTs, MRI, digital mammograms, 3D and 4D-ultrasounds, echocardiography, GI endoscopy, chemotherapy and efficient Pharmacies.

Healthcare is costly however most prescription medication is less when compared to the cost in the USA.

Health insurance is mandatory in the Cayman Island.