Strata Services


Effectively managing Strata Associations has become a major crisis in the Cayman Islands. Dealing with legislations, maintenance, finances and personal investments can often be a complicated process, and more often than not it requires consistent guidance from industry experts. It is important to have a strata management company that you can trust for transparency, credibility and, of course, sensitivity to your limitations.

Estate Management Services Ltd (EMS Ltd) has the experience and knowledge that you would expect from a strata management company with the resources to be able to effectively support the needs of your strata association. Rather than focus on a growing portfolio, EMS Ltd prides itself on offering personalized, affordable and wholly dedicated service to a smaller number of clients as opposed to a large database. We are dedicated to placing your individual needs as our number one priority and endeavor to offer our clients the flexibility to add and retract however from our wide range of services, and to be priced accordingly. In this way we maintain the integrity of our services and support to every client.

Communication is a key factor for managing property that is jointly owned by various individuals. It is mandatory that Bylaws are respected and adhered. Our role is to work with the Owners’ Association and its Board to successfully control, manage, maintain and administer the property.

Self-praise is no recommendation hence we invite you to review our testimonial page.

  • Strata Fee collection and bank deposits
  • Payment of expense
  • Direct Debit
  • Preparation of Fiscal Year Accounting
  • Preparation of annual Budget
  • Preparation of monthly reports (trail balance, account receivable, account payable, bank statement reconciliation and other pertinent reports)
  • Disbursal of funds as directed by the Board of Directors
  • Preparation of monthly Income/Expense statements and Balance Sheet
  • Maintenance of a separate bank account for each Strata Corporation
  • Processing and handling of delinquent Strata Fees
  • Coordination with auditors to finalize year-end audit
  • Supervision of contractors hired by the Association
  • Obtaining competitive bids for services as requested by Board of Directors
  • Catastrophe Management
  • Hurricane Preparation
  • Complaints & Bylaws Administration
  • 24-hour availability/on-call maintenance
  • Committed support to Board of Directors
  • Attendance at Board of Directors meetings
  • Assistance with legal matters
  • Discounted legal fees
  • Annual General Meeting Preparation
  • Annual General Meeting Participation (chairing and preparing minutes)
  • Section 6.4 Closing Certificate
  • Property Insurance Administration